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The Mission at Salaya Blizniuk Architects is simple: prosper creating great design that enriches people’s lives and nurtures our passion. It’s this delicate balance that is the essence of our firm culture; a culture of design.

Driven by a passion for great design, the creation of great places and the creative process, Salaya - Blizniuk implements innovative ideas across multiple services and lines of business.

Our firm is organized to encourage the creative process. Our passionate pursuit of excellence, the application of our creativity to solve our clients’ challenges, our technical expertise and our collaborative spirit are measures of our success.

Our future depends on a culture that embraces diversity, inspires innovation and encourages the free and open exchange of ideas.

Creativity. Collaboration. Communication. We share these values among ourselves and with our clients. Our articulation of them will lead us to new challenges and future successes.

The central focus of our firm is to interpret the client's needs and aspirations and give them an individualized answer to each of their concerns. We accompany our clients throughout every step of the creative process . we see our clients as our partners, their missions as our own, adding enormous substance to our work.

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